A XenForo developer for your project.

In need of an XF programmer?

I have over 15 years of experience working with clients on a variety of PHP projects, ranging from developing complete web applications to modifying existing functionality on popular CMS's.

I have extensive coding practice building add-ons and adding features to XenForo, as well as synchronizing and integrating it with other software (WordPress, Joomla, Discord etc).

I've also done a large amount of work modifying and building on other major add-ons (e.g. XenForo Importers, XFMG, DragonByte eCommerce, Siropu Ads Manager).

I can do the work for you.

A few XF resources as an example of my work:

Title Ladder Gems

Censored Posts Reporter

Wait Time Between Reactions

Latest Threads WordPress Widget

XenForo to WordPress user synchronization add-ons

You can contact me at if you want to see a more detailed client sites portfolio.

What you will receive:

Feel free to contact me at describing the project you have in mind!

Talk soon, Gigi.

XenForo freelancer